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Masha Drokova was born in Tambov, Russia in 1989. She joined Nashi at the age of 15 and quickly rose to be a spokesperson for the movement, as well as a well-known blogger and TV host. Since her departure from Nashi, she has abstained from participating in national politics. She currently lives in Moscow and co-owns a PR company specializing in social media.


Oleg Kashin was born in Kaliningrad, Russia in 1980. Originally a journalist for a pro-Kremlin paper, he now writes for the daily Kommersant and is one of the profiled voices of the current protest movement in Russia. In November 2010, he was almost beaten to death after criticizing a long list of government projects and pro-Kremlin groups.


Lise Birk Pedersen (Director) was born in Denmark in 1974 and graduated from the National Film School of Denmark; her thesis film, Margarita, was a portrait of a Russian teenager immigrating to Denmark. Since 2003, she has made a variety of TV programs and short documentaries. Putin's Kiss is her first feature-length film.


Helle Faber (Producer) graduated from the Danish School of Journalism and is the founder of the Danish production company Made In Copenhagen. She has produced a wide variety of documentary films for the international market, including Dark Side of Chocolate (2010), Shanghai Space (2009), and Enemies of Happiness (2006) — which received the Silver Wolf Award at IDFA, the World Cinema Prize at Sundance, and the Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin